Privacy policy

Our privacy policy: Security of your identity is our priority

Our clients are very valuable and respected for us. We, guarantee to protect your privacy and confidentiality. We do not share our customer’s information with any third party. For further details about our privacy policy, read the below text.

  1. Credit card transactions. All the payments and transactions made at are completely safe and secure. We have taken strict measures to keep our payment system customer friendly and risk free from fraud. Our clients don’t have to worry about the security of credit card information because we do not share, sell or reveal it to any third party and do not even store it in our data, solely to make it transparent; we guarantee that it is completely safe.
  2. Information about Cookies. Web servers track only information about computers to maintain smooth traffic of data over the internet, it does not contain your personal information, but if you are not comfortable with cookies, you can disable this data information sharing process by turning off cookies from your browser settings.
  3. Personal information. We do not keep detailed personal information about our clients; your basic information is stored in our data to provide you better services in the future. Your personal details are kept confidential and would not be shared or sold to any third party for any purpose.
  4. Quality assurance. We believe in providing quality services to our clients, our work is informative, completely original, non-plagiarized and free from mistakes.
  5. Policy revision. Our clients are advised to visit our policy page before making an order. The company reserves the right to revise its confidentiality policy at any time according to the necessity.