Assignment Company Prices

Our prices are the most justified and affordable prices in the industry, our intention is not to suck up the money from students and make them a one-time client, we work to make sure we have a trustworthy relationship with our students and this is the only way we wish to expand our clientbase.The last thing our clients need to worry about is the prices of our services which they really do not have to, despite the pressure and marketing antics from competitors in order to attract the same customer base, they cannot compete with us on quality and pricing. Students who get attracted to some extra-ordinary cheap deals at the end of the day also come to us because they have been ripped off or given cheap assignments with very low quality. Assignment Company here takes complete responsibility of each and everything, word our writers write and assure they are nothing short of perfection. One, two, three no, all our clients are important to us and we have no biasness towards new or regular clients. We welcome both with open arms.

Furthermore, if you think there is something wrong with your work or how your job was treated we have a dedicated customer services department just to address your concern and make sure that you go out with a smile and a quality assignment in your hand, this is our effort to bridge the gap between us and students and revolutionize this industry with terrific customer services.

Our pricing criteria is clear

Our pricing policy is extremely transparent, we charge students on the following criteria:

– Nature of work: We see the nature of work given to us, is it a thesis, a book report or a simple essay.

– Deadline: The closer the deadline is, we make sure the best writer is allotted for the job, hence we charge according to how close the deadlines are.

– Difficulty level: An undergraduate assignment is obviously charged less than the Masters.

– Other services: If there are other support services involved, for example, proofreading, academic certification etc.

– We also provide platinum or VIP services for our regular clients, which means even though the service is slightly on the upper side of the cost, but it gets you and your job onto the top priority list with added values to the work.

– Plagiarism certification: Even though we assure you our work is hundred percent plagiarism free, but still if you require a complete plagiarism free certification we can provide that on minimum charges.

Discount policies understands the importance of discounts for students; we make sure that our loyalty and introductory programs keep running throughout the year so both our existing and new clients can take up the benefits from that, usually our discount policy is for

– Lifetime membership- 5% discount

– Introductory discount code: 15% discount