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Ways on How Schools Can Help Students Transit Through The Grades

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When a child moves up through the various grades in school, there are various challenges which are faced by them. Apart from the altering demands of the academics and social environment, there are some challenges which are also associated with the physical and emotional side. Here is how the schools could help in this regard:

  • Teachers and support staff: Teachers and other staff are mostly aware of the challenges which are faced by students at different stages of their academic career. Predicting the causes of anxiety anddeveloping a normal environment, both for the parents and the students can be the initial step to negate any off-putting impact.
  • School administration: Whenever it is the beginning of the fresh school year, the admin of the school could help the children to prepare for this transitional stage by organizing some visits to the new place and also having some meetings with the teachers who are going to teach them. This is a sort of orientation and in this regard the teaming up of older students with the new ones could help a lot.
  • Planning and organizing the work: There are some changes which are associated with the alterations in the structure of the school day. There might be some transition in the departmentalized program so for this purpose, practical experience could be given on minor scale a year earlier. In this way the impact which might be created with sudden transition could be softened.
  • Collaboration with parents: The parents are always useful sources of information related to the child’s school history. It is the job of the school to learn about all the negative and the positive experiences about the child and then the programs should be arranged accordingly. The influence of both the child and the parents must be kept in mind when engagement of the child is needed in problem solving.

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