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Pros and Cons of Online Education

online education

Technology has transformed our lives in countless ways and there is no denying that. The way we communicate, the way we order things, the way we deal with things, the way we get things done; quite literally everything has changed with the advancement of technology one way or the other. The education system may still pretty much be the same in general, but the tasks that were previously done manually are now automated. Also with the usage of the internet, the practices of hiring tutors and purchasing books have also seen a decline. What has remained the same though is the daily getting up of children and students to go to their academic institutions. Because of technology our youth has become lazy and all of their habits have changed except for the going to school. There is a big debate going on about whether the online education system be put into practice and whether the formal education system be completely dissolved. Like every other matter, this discussion has two sides. There are pros to this decision and there are also cons that we will have to deal with. Let’s then discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of shifting from formal education to online education:

The morals:

Online education might provide the information in the same way that formal education does, but the ethics and the morals that we learn by going to school like discipline and patience are very vital and can’t be learnt by sitting at home.

More laziness:

This practice will make our youth a lot lazier.


A sense of punctuality will also disappear from our youth.


As it’s online, students can stay at home during the thunderous weather and still be able to study. Also, this will help the students who missed school for some days.

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