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Learn Important Note Taking Skills Every Student Should Possess

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It is impertinent for students to take notes during lectures and while reading assigned course material so that they do not have trouble while they are preparing for exams. However, many students are not familiar with note taking strategies and tactics so they are not able to take notes that can effectively help them later on. So, described below are some tactics that can help such students to learn how to make notes that are useful and effective:

Be systematic and selective:

First of all, while taking notes in a lecture or while reading, you have to remember you have to be very selective in which content you have to include in the notes. As the purpose of the notes is to help you out in exam preparation when you are running out of time, if you start to include large chunks of information in these notes, it defeats this purpose. So, whether you are highlighting or writing down notes, be selective and include only relevant and important information.

Go through your notes after every lecture:

After every lecture, go through your notes that you have made to organize them and make sure you have not missed out on any point. Moreover, while taking notes when the teacher is teaching is tricky and your notes will come out as neat as you want them, so make a habit of going through notes after every lecture to put them in order.

Organize the information properly:

Make sure your information is properly organized and not just a collection of jumbled up snippets.

Keep a separate space for your own thoughts:

You can also keep a separate column or area where you jot down your own thoughts and understandings as these too can prove to be insightful when you experience a block before exams.

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