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How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay?

scholarship essay writing

Scholarships are normally opportunities for students to take a little load off the shoulders of their parents and more often than not, students are readily eager to take the opportunities of doing so. There are two kinds of scholarships that are awarded to students; the one where a percentage of your fee is waived off because of your financial incapability and the other one is just awarded to students that are exceptionally good in studies. Only for the need based scholarships, there is a strict procedure that needs to be followed at all times. You have to submit the application along with a motivational essay which is not an easy task to do. The essay should mention everything that the company or the organization wants to hear and normally students just hire writers to get their work done for them. If though on the other hand, you want to write the essay yourself (which is also always recommended) then there are some steps that you can follow. If you write all the things that are mentioned below in your essay, then most of the times you are going to end up winning the scholarship. Read on to know:

Who are you?

The first question that you need to answer is “Who actually are you?” You need to briefly describe your background and start explaining to them why exactly they should carry on reading.

Why you?

You need to jump right to the fundamentals from here on in. Start selling yourself and know that if you sell yourself enough then you are good to go.


List down all the achievements that you have made over the years and try to impress them.

Praise their efforts:

You now need to praise their efforts and thank them for the opportunity that they provided.

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