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How to Write a Job Winning Resume?

write a job winning resume

Why do we spend half our lives trying to become somebody that our parents and teachers want us to be? And why do we spend the other half trying to accomplish what we always dreamt of? The answer to both of the above questions is just the same: We want to be monetarily and generally successful. The main motivation for human struggle as proved by many researches over the years is money and financial stability. We go to schools, colleges and even universities to only ensure that we can make enough money and then also repay our parents in one way or the other for the endless efforts that they put in over the years. Once you step in the professional life, though, only then do you realize that getting a job and making money isn’t as easy as getting good grades and just ending up working for a multi-national. To be able to work for somebody, you need to prove your mettle and sometimes even if you do possess the mettle it becomes hard to prove it. A resume is your advocate in front of your presumed employer and you have to rely on it. A bad resume can make you lose a winning case and a good resume and can do you wonders even if you aren’t worth that much. Let’s then discuss how to make the perfect one:

The aesthetics:

You need to take care of the aesthetics more than anything else. Decide on a format and try to stick to it.


Always mention your projects at the top. Don’t include the projects that are not related to the JD.

Be concise:

Always remember that verbosity isn’t going to win you anything in this life. Be comprehensive.

Don’t exaggerate:

Never in your resume should you exaggerate.

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