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Help Yourself Rather Than Saying Please Write My Assignment

Write My Assignment

Two days back I was helping my friend in checking her student’s assignments. We were almost done with checking a stack of assignments when one assignment caught our interest. It was beautifully written, well-constructed sentences, enough research was put into it, and everything written there had logic and evidence. It was far beyond our expectations that we were awed. Rather than giving the assignment an A grade it gave many dubious vibes. We instantly ran through a plagiarism check, not only on one plagiarism checking software but several. When finally there was nothing pirated we knew there was more to it.

I recently received a call from my friend that the student confessed that he paid for the assignment online. The news really made me sad that nowadays the students are running away from work and are finding other ways to escape. They don’t know that there is no shortcut to hard work and secondly, that the teachers are not kids that they know which student is capable of which level of work. This is now not only restricted to one or two students, every student is now seeking help online. You just need to type: please write my assignment in the research engine and there you go, thousands of links providing online help. This is becoming a student culture now; students exchange the names of the websites that produce the best result. This is making the students lazy and inept.

These websites are in full business nowadays and gradually this is becoming a cottage industry. They invest heavily in fancy websites and hire writers from the third world countries because they are cheap and exploit them by paying them the minimal amount and by gaining themselves the maximum profit.

Most websites do not help students in understanding the topic. They are least interested in clearing their doubts and queries, but find it easier and more profitable to write their essays or do their assignments. They just ask the requirements and hand in the assignment. They hardly encourage a student to do it on their own or at least make a trial copy and submit it. All they want is the topic, the deadline and most importantly the payment.

The instructors do find out if the assignment is ghost written by comparing it with the assignment that has been submitted throughout the semester but if the student has been seeking help online throughout the semester, then not even the teacher can tell. This is very unfair to the students who work hard and produce everything on their own going through sleepless nights and tiring hours. No matter how much hard work they put, the students whose essays are written by ghost writers will definitely stand out and secure much better, if the teacher does not find out.

This may be a revenge of the students to the academic system. The academic system now has changed drastically and has become harder. The teachers give loads of work that is not only difficult, but is next to impossible to submit in a day. The students have no other option but to pay and seek help.

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