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Discounts and Concessions-a Deal to Be Truly Grateful For!

discounts and concessions

The story behind Thanksgiving Day!

From early times, people from all around the world have been giving thanks to their Creator for the numerous blessings bestowed upon them, from simple things like a good harvesting season to major things like the birth of a new child.

The tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving started when a group of people celebrated and rejoiced for a bountiful harvest after a year of sickness, death and scarcity. This was the first Thanksgiving feast! It is also called as Puritan Holiday, when people thank God for His special Providence.

Nowadays, the Thanksgiving we celebrate is a blend of two traditions. However, the story and the significance of the event is not diminished. People all around the world, still gather around a big table and pay their gratitude for a good year.

The history of thanksgiving is fascinating and enthralling, but the message remains the same, to be thankful and give thanks to your creator for the little as well as the big things in life.

Let the spirit behind this day be celebrated!

Thanksgiving evokes the feelings and memories of family dinners and lots of football watching. Basically, the word reminds countless people the importance of having a loving and caring family and being thankful for that. For showing their gratitude, people gather at one place, pray together with their family, have a huge family dinner and repeat what their ancestors did in the past.

We all know that this time around the year, while celebrations are going on, the poor students are preparing for their mid terms, project submissions and countless assignments. In short, they are dealing with a ton load of work which hinders their presence with their family.

An opportunity for all to be a part of the festivities!

All the students buried under the depressing burden of books on this joyous occasion, worry not! If you have tons of written assignments and essays submitted around the Thanksgiving Day, but you also want to join your family on this occasion, then let us handle your tedious assignments so that you can take part in this holiday celebration with your family.

All the students who are buried under piles of work also have a chance to be a part of the festive occasion. Just hire us and we will do your work for you in a more skilled and effective manner! Go home to your family and join them in festivity and merrymaking!

A chance for all students to avail discounts!

Good news! This time for Thanksgiving we are offering an unbelievable 15% flat discount to all students around the globe!

Not only will we take your burden of sitting at a desk and writing your assignments, we will do it at a discounted price which will lighten your burdens and will not be a financial strain! What more could you want?

Hurry, 27th November is not very far! Take up this offer and get another reason to be thankful for this year- A well written assignment by a professional at an economical price!

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