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Complete Guide About the Structure of An Assignment Paper

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Structure is one of those elements that play a very important role in the success of an assignment. It organizes the content and presents it in an effective and impressive manner. It also helps in creating a good impression on the readers.

Parts of a paper:

An academic paper is usually comprised of three sections, that are the introduction, main body and results. Details about these sections are discussed below:


The first section of an assignment is introduction. It introduces the topic about which the paper is written and provides an idea to the readers what is discussed ahead in the paper. It needs to be written in a clear and simple manner by highlighting the important points that can easily grab the attention of the readers. An introduction usually includes:

  • Description of the main idea or topic
  • Background information about the topic
  • Reasons for writing a paper about this specific topic
  • Overview of what the paper is all about

Main Body:

Main body is the second and the central part of a paper. It includes complete details about the topic, writer’s views and relevant information in support of his/her opinion. This section is comprised of three to four paragraphs, each explaining the topic with different evidences and examples. The main body of the paper usually includes the following:

  • Details about the main topic
  • Justification of writer’s argument with different evidences and examples
  • Concluding sentences derived from the results of the argument


It is the last part that summarizes the whole paper. It doesn’t include any kind of new information. It highlights the important points earlier discussed in the paper and a meaningful ending based on the results. This section includes:

  • Summary of the whole paper, including results of the argument
  • Recommendations for future research

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